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Blood pressure measurements

• Reproducibility of WUCH and MUCH

• Night-time HBPM

• Advantages and shortcomings of different devices (non-invasive      finger beat-to-beat, wrist-cuff, hybrid manual auscultatory…)

• Is there any room for non-attended blood pressure                            measurements?

• Blood pressure variability

• Blood pressure measurements for patients undergoing haemodialysis.

Special hypertension phenotypes

• Isolated night time hypertension – evaluation and therapy

• Orthostatic and supine hypertension

• Transition period from adolescents to adulthood

• Young adults – how to treat them (where is the evidence)? - How      to determine global risk ?

• Isolated diastolic hypertension – to treat or not to treat? One            entity or several subtypes?

• Biological age – could it be clinical useful?

• Sex/gender differences – how important it is in every day clinical      work?

• Could obesity be considered as a secondary form of                        hypertension?

Hypertension beyond cardiovascular system

• Inflammatory diseases, chronic infections, and hypertension

• NASH and hypertension

• COPD and hypertension

• Depression and psychosocial factors

• Oncohyperetensiology – it is time to educate oncologists

• Glaucoma and hypertension

• Air pollution, noise, and climate changes – environmental                hypertensiology

• Gut microbiota – foe or friend?

New diagnostic options

• Kidney biomarkers

• Cardiac enzymes

• miRNAs

• How to determine salt sensitivity

• Could we rely on 24-hour central blood pressure measurements?

• Which new biomarkers are optimal for prediction of                            pre-eclampsia?

• Albuminuria – important "small" factors with significant impact on      the result


• LVH and Hypertensive Cardiomyopathy

• Coronary artery disease

• Diastolic heart failure

• Optimal treatment of LVH regression

• Evaluation of Cardiac damage in hypertensive patients

• Novelties in Cardiovascular disease diagnosis
  and treatment.

Pharmacology and Nursing

• Opportunistic screening for hypertension

• Education on adherence, life style…

• Role in the follow up.

• How to organize a network – pharmacist-nurse-GP-hypertension      specialist

International conference on Prehypertension, Hypertension and the Cardio Metabolic Syndrome Zagreb 2023











Adherence and clinical inertia

• Which method should be used for detection of non-adherence in      routine clinical work?

• How to manage non-adherence?

• How to manage clinical inertia?

• How to increase patient’s empowerment?

• Artificial intelligence and smartphone applications

Treatment – recommendation and novelties

• Could we tailor antihypertensive therapy based on HBPM? What      is true clinical (practical) value of HBPM?

• When to use nitrates in hypertensive patient?

• ACE inhibitors or sartans? Which class to prefer? Or when?

• Are sartans slowing dementia?

• ARNi in hypertension – what is the difference between Japan and    Europe?

• Shall we consider sequential nephron blockade more frequently?

• What is the new evidence which upgraded beta blockers?

• How to follow and treat hypertensive patients whom BP was            achieved?

• How to treat hypertensive patients in stage 1? Do we have                enough evidence?

• Treatment of octogenarians? Is the indapamide (the only) drug of    choice?

• Is it important which drug should be used for hypertension                treatment in acute stroke?

• Could statins/PCSK9 inhibitors be used for secondary prevention    after haemorrhagic stroke?

• Drug(s) of choice in ISHY

• Can we use urapidil and eplerenone in pregnancy?

• Could thiazide like diuretics be used when eGFR is below 25            ml/min?

• NOAKs and chronic kidney disease

• Optimal treatment of hypertension after kidney transplantation

• How to delay the progression of chronic kidney disease?

• Could obesity be considered as a secondary form of                        hypertension?

• Atherosclerotic renovascular hypertension – update on diagnosis    and treatment

• When to use intervention in hypertensive patient with                        fibromuscular dysplasia

• Is resistant hypertension only indication for renal denervation?          Cost? Feasibility?

• New drugs – new promises?

• Shall we treat asymptomatic hyperuricemia? Is uric acid an              independent cardiovascular risk factor or not?

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