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Plitvice tour

Discover the beauty of the most popular national park and UNESCO Site in Croatia. Optionally, join Zagreb city tour earlier in the morning.

Discover one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia. The unity and harmony of the 16 lakes here and their rare natural and cultural value is not only famous throughout Croatia, but also worldwide; earning this remarkable national park a coveted place on UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites. Arriving at Plitvice, you'll walk through these ancient woodlands. The path takes us first across Gornja Jezera (Upper Lakes), a system of 12 lakes separated by travertine barriers.

Wherever you are in Plitvice, it is easy to see why its travertine marble formations are such an extraordinary natural phenomenon. The barriers, sills and other forms created in these lakes, the karst rivers and streams are still an ongoing process that shapes the wonderful landscapes. It is these same travertine formations that have and are still creating the numerous magnificent waterfalls here

Plitvice nature photos


09:00 Zagreb city walking tour (optional activity)

11:00 Departure from Zagreb

12:30 Sightseeing Rastoke Village

13:30 Tour of Plitvice Lakes

20:00 Arrival back to the hotel

Available dates: 19.10, 20.10, 21.10

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